Hey 9th-12th grade high school students!

Join our Youth Leadership Team starting this fall!

This is meant for those interested in connecting with God, growing in their faith, and serving our church & community in fun exciting ways.

Do you like to sing, play an instrument, act in dramas, lead up front in big groups?
This group is for you!
Do you like to creatively write, create artwork, work with technology, help out behind the scenes?

This group is for you!
Do you like to get your hands dirty, try new things, help those in need?
This group is for you!
Do you know God, what to find more about Him, celebrate His miraculous love?
This group is for you!

“Ok cool, but I’m already pretty busy…”
is what I bet you’re thinking.

The great thing about this group is you can be involved as much or little as you are able.

We’ll meet once a month and then you can choose what else you want to be involved with from there.

Just sign up, let us know what your interests are and we’ll take it from there.