We celebrate with you as you plan your wedding with us at Bethel and begin a new chapter in your life together!

You are, “by your promises” planning “to bind yourselves together” in the “presence of God” and “the congregation” “as husband and wife.” This is a wonderful experience that you are planning for your family and friends, but most importantly, God. He is pleased when you make it a service of worship dedicated to His glory.

God instituted marriage because He saw marriage as a way of bringing two people together to share their journey to fulfillment. You are, and will remain, individuals. However, with your unique gifts, you can soon learn to respect each other as creations of a loving, gift-giving God. Such respect assists you to complement each other, while, at the same time, growing to be what God planned for you as individuals.

Christian marriage, as a way of glorifying God by developing your uniqueness, requires the presence of Christ. How wonderful marriage is when “two or three are gathered in His name” experience Christ’s loving presence day after day.

You are to be commended for planning to have your wedding in a church. What a wonderful witness! It is like a confession of faith. It is in the church that Christians live out much of their lives. Confession, forgiveness, prayer, hearing of the Word, offering of our gifts, serving–all take place among the people of God. You have chosen to begin your married life in that setting. Thank you!





To schedule a wedding please contact the office at 507-288-6430.

•Either the bride or groom, or both, must be a member of Bethel by the wedding date. (This means if you are a prospective member of Bethel, you will want to attend New Member Classes before your wedding.)

•A Scheduling Fee ($100.00), to help offset facility and custodial costs, is required within two weeks of setting your wedding date. This fee will hold your wedding date and time on the calendar.

• The Wedding Coordinator Fee ($150) is payable to Cindy Bahler two months prior to your wedding.

•A Pre-Marital Seminar is required of all couples planning a wedding at Bethel. The cost of the seminar is $50 per couple and includes materials, lunch, and two snacks. Four seminars are held each year. Your attendance is required before your wedding day.

>> Download the pre-marital seminar registration form here.

Weddings at Bethel are scheduled at one of the following times: 10:00am, 1:00pm, and 4:00pm. These times are set to allow enough time between multiple services in a Saturday. (Friday evening weddings are subject to availability of sanctuary.) If 90 days before your wedding there are no other weddings scheduled, you may depart from the schedule policy and choose a time of your liking, but no later than 4:00pm.

The Marriage Request Form can be obtained by calling the church office.

>> View the Wedding Planning Booklet for everything else not listed above here.