We invite you to support the important ministries of Bethel Lutheran Church with your gift.

Bethel’s Mission & Programs (General Fund) – This fund enables Bethel to carry out its many programs, ministries, and benevolences.

Mortgage Payment (Building Fund) – Your generosity in committing to this fund will help reduce the building loan.

How can I respond to this invitation?


The program budget provides a view of the mission areas that are being made possible in 2017 by the gifts to God from Bethel members.

In 2017 we hope to address additional opportunities that are described below. We need your help to grow our budget to allow us to increase our missional work. Please consider an increase in your support as well as making automated transfers that allows Bethel to plan spending.

As the foundation of all we do, Bethel invests heavily in a vibrant worship life that prepares members for outreach, caring for each other, and the world.

This is done through:
The Gate of Life Service
Music Ministry
Concert Series
Striving to provide vibrant worship that is welcoming to the community

Seeking to nurture vital, Christ-centered faith within the Bethel family, our education ministry focuses on teaching the story of God’s ongoing relationship with the world and empowering people of all ages to live and proclaim that story.

This is done through:
Sunday School
Bible Studies
Adult Education Forums
Confirmation Classes
Going the extra mile—faith-based foreign travel (Israel, Germany); Financial Peace University

Bethel members spread God’s good news and model the Christian way in our community and world.

This is done through:
Coffee & A Prayer on Wednesday mornings
National Night Out
Bethel being the host site for Community Food Response
Casting a wide presence in the community through our leadership and people—at schools, places of business, in government

In Reach
To be a member of Bethel is to share in gifts of Christian community. Bethel is a place where the human need for care and compassion, support and joy, is nurtured among those who call this place “home.”

This is done through:
Health Cabinet & the Parish Nurse Ministry
Prayer Shawl Ministry
Faith 5
Bible Ministry (Baptism, Pre-K kids, 3rd Graders)
Outreach Ministry for Visually Impaired & Blind
Extensive visitation of the sick, hospitalized, and home-bound
Youth Leadership Team, Graduation Milestone, College Connection, and Care Packages

Beyond Our Walls
The Lord calls us to be His disciples. Our obligation is to support ministry in our own community and around the world.

This is done through:
Missionary Support in Tanzania
Partnership with Cristo Rey Iglesia Luterana Church, Carolina, Puerto Rico
Next Chapter Ministries
Brighter Tomorrows
Augsburg College
Bethel being a host of community and synod events
Youth Mission Trips

As Christians called into the world to love God and love others, Bethel looks for ways to serve others and minister to human needs in the world

This is done through:
Rochester Mission Trip
Family Mission Day
Our youth sponsoring 2 Compassion International Students
A building ministry that serves in time of local and national disasters

Bethel Lutheran Church offers many opportunities for its members to express their gratitude to God for the gifts he has given to each and everyone of us. However, when one thinks of stewardship, the first thought is the envelope that is put in the offering plate – but it is so much more than that.

Stewardship is truly appreciating that we live in a wonderful part of God’s creation and that we have been blessed with gifts beyond our expectations. Stewardship is understanding that part of the responsibility of receiving such wonderful gifts is that God has asked each and everyone of us to be good stewards, in return, of all that we have – our time, our talents, and our treasure. To be a good steward means to understand that we, as God’s people, have the opportunity to fulfill the whole purpose of God throughout the world. In essence, to share back with God and with others out of gratitude for what each of us has been given.

At Bethel, many opportunities exist so all of us can commit to the stewardship of our lives with a focus being on our ability to serve our Lord and each other. Such opportunities include:

  • Worship: The very foundation of our rootedness in Christ. Biblical people were a worshiping people, and Bethel people are too. With a sense of awe and wonder, we are fed Word and sacrament and we are empowered to serve God.
  • Mission: Whether it be to help our next-door neighbor or a person half way around the world. Mission embodies what it means to serve.
  • Education: Helping to proclaim the Good News of Christ to all generations (children, youth, and adults). Learning and worshiping opportunities and events to allow faith sharing to happen in homes and in the daily lives of Bethel’s families.
  • Music: It is the voice of the Church that is heard in singing together and you, as a member of the Church, may share in its song. All singing together serves to widen our spiritual horizon, makes us see our little company as a member of the great Christian Church on earth, and helps us willingly and gladly join our singing.
  • Teams: Teams are available to help each of us use the individual and special gifts that God has given to us. Whether it be in teaching, outreach, administration, or evangelizing, a team is in place that can use your help.
  • Offerings: Giving back of the financial gifts that God has bestowed on each of us allows us to move to a deeper practice of our faith. Whether it be to the General or Building Fund, through the use of an offering envelope or through Simply Giving (automated program to help you conveniently, consistently, and joyfully give your financial gifts to help Bethel’s ministries), all gifts offered to Bethel allow us to express our gratitude to God.

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Now Available: Electronic Giving!

Bethel is pleased to announce a convenient way to make your regular offerings. With our new electronic giving program, you can easily setup a recurring giving schedule or make one-time contributions.

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The mission of the church can only exist when we all receive nourishment from God, from Bethel, and from each other. We hope that each of us will prayerfully consider how our gifts of time, talents, and treasurers can make a difference – now and in the future.

If you would like further information about Stewardship at Bethel, please contact Pastor Wahl at 507-288-6430 or by email at