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The Trip!

This summer the youth of Bethel and the youth of Cristo Rey Lutheran Church in Carolina, Puerto Rico will “pioneer” and new ministry partnership together! Bethel youth will be traveling to Puerto Rico July 30th-August 5th to do work projects with Cristo Rey including work around the church together, help prepare the church for hurricane relief by making survival kits, doing community outreach, and sharing in music ministry together. It’s our hope that this is the start of a long lasting partnership where we support each others ministries and communities!

The Team

Madison Engel – Youth
Shari Engel – Adult Leader
Rubie Garrison – Youth
Kris Haack – Adult Leader
Michaela Hackbarth – Youth
Gabe Halleland – Youth
Grace Halleland – Youth
Sherri Halleland – Adult Leader
Christian Hodde – Youth
Daniel Hodde – Youth
Wendy Hodde – Adult Leader
Renee Hoffman – Church Leader
Brie LaPlante – College Student
Kristi LaPlante – Adult Leader
Josie LaVoi – Youth
Molly Lewis – Youth
Yasmin Nasimova – Youth
Marsha Pike – Adult Leader
Lori Ringen – Adult Leader
Joseph Urwin – Youth
Carter Williamson – College Student
Cindy Williamson – Adult Leader
Nicole Williamson – Youth
Tucker Zincke – Youth