2017 Stewardship Offerings – Thank You

YTD Actual Envelope Offerings through February: $201,836.00
Projected YTD Envelope Offerings: $192,902.00
Difference: +$8,934.00

Mortgage Payment Fund
YTD Offerings: $74,757.71

Total Expected for 2017: $382,000.00
Number of Families Pledging: 390
YTD Mortgage Payments: $74,500.00
Annual Mortgage Payments: $447,000.00
Mortgage Balance: $2,853,781.56

Simply Giving/QR Code
General Offerings Received in 2017: $71,404.02

Mortgage Payment Offerings Received in 2017: $25,745.71
Percent of General Offerings Received in 2017: 35.4%


The QR code below can be used for online giving




To donate all you have to do is scan the code with your smart phone or another QR reader and it will take you to a Bethel Giving page. The first time you use the code you will have to set up an account – after that, it will be quick and convenient.