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Frequently Asked Questions About Fundraising

Below are some of the more common questions asked about fundraising at Bethel. If you cannot find an answer to your questions please let us know by calling the church office at 507-288-6430.

What can we use fundraising dollars for?
Funds raised by youth and adults can be used toward trips, activities and functions sponsored by Bethel Lutheran, anything from Confirmation Camp, Winter Retreat, or activities at church.

Can adults/parents work fundraisers?
Yes! We actually want adult/parents to work alongside their youth. Adults can then choose to transfer the money to a youth account, or can keep it in their account to help cover costs for a trip they are attending.

Can we get service hours for Confirmation by working a fundraiser?
Yes! Just fill out a service hours form and let the fundraiser coordinator that you are taking service hours. You CANNOT however use the fundraiser for both service hours and funds. You must choose one or the other.

Can we transfer money between accounts once it is applied?
Yes, you may transfer between family members or other members of Bethel. Please contact us to let us know you would like to transfer funds.

If we want to use money for an upcoming ministry event how do we do that?
Contact us to submit your request to use the funds. We need to have this information sent to us a week prior to make the transfer.

Can a friend/extended family member come with and work a fundraiser?
While we would like to open all of our fundraisers to everyone, we need to set some parameters for our fundraising. If you have a friend or extended family member who would like to work a fundraiser, please contact us prior.