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Confirmation is an important time in a youth’s life. During this time their family and congregation, who at their baptism took up the responsibility of nurturing them in faith, partner together to prepare them to affirm that Baptism. We welcome you to this ministry and we pray that this time is positive and life-shaping for your whole family.

Confirmation Registration

Please note registration is a two step process:

  1. Completing registration materials
  2. Submitting payment to Bethel

Confirmation Schedule

Pizza will be served on Confirmation evenings @ 5:15 p.m.
For only $2 you can get a slice of pizza, fruit, vegetable, cookie and lemonade. Join us for this meal and a chance to meet other Confirmation and Music families that are gathering on Wednesday nights.






Confirmation Camp

Confirmation Camp takes place in the summer at Good Earth Village. For more information, contact Julie Allhiser at or 507-288-6430.


Starting in middle school, Bethel youth have the opportunity to fundraise to get dollars towards youth trips. Click below to learn more about fundraising and frequently asked questions.





Confirmation Overview

Confirmation is structured chronologically according to a four year ministry time frame. Years are identified as follows:
Year One: Starts in the spring of 6th grade year and continues through that summer.
Year Two: Starts in the fall of the 7th grade year and continues through the summer following the 7th grade year.
Year Three: Starts in the fall of the 8th grade year and continues through the summer following the 8th grade year.
Year Four: Starts in the fall of the 9th grade year and continues through the early fall of the following year. This year includes taking part in the mentor ministry. (Click here for more information on the mentor ministry.)

Confirmation service is held the fall of the youth’s 10th grade year.

Confirmation Forms






Mentor Resources

Reviewing the Apostles Creed? Check Out this Video


Faith Projects

God has made a promise for your life that lasts forever through Jesus Christ. A Faith Project is a great opportunity to reflect on how God has called, gathered and enlightened you in the faith throughout your time in our confirmation ministry.

The “project” is an expression of your faith in a way that relates to you, and an opportunity to see the connections between your faith and your passions in a way that applies to your life.

How do I pick a project?

Faith Project Questions
Review and discuss some of the Faith Project Questions to help you explore your faith. Your answers can be a great starting point for your project or picking a Bible Verse.
Click here to see faith project questions.

Multiple Intelligence Assessment
To help you focus on an idea for your project, you may use the Multiple Intelligence Assessment, which can show you your dominant learning style and offer suggestions for types of projects.
Click here to learn more about Multiple Intelligence Assessments. Click here for the Multiple Intelligence Assessment worksheet.

There is no correct Faith Project
Some youth prefer to write a 2-3 page Faith Paper, but there are many ideas that may be more personal and reflective. The goal is to create a project that reveals your relationship with God

Submit your Faith Project Plan
Meet with your Mentor and/or your parents/guardians to go over the Faith Project Questions and use the Multiple Intelligence Assessment to come up with a Project Plan and submit your plan online here.