The Confirmation Mentor Ministry is the final part of our Confirmation Ministry.
Incoming graders (2016/17) are just entering this ministry and should be selecting a mentor. Incoming 10th graders (2016/16) will be wrapping up this ministry throughout the summer through the creation of a faith project.

Incoming 10th Grade (2016/2017)

Youth that will be in 10th grade starting in Sept. 2016 will be wrapping up your year of mentorship by working on your Faith Project. More on Faith Projects below.
Mark your calendars for upcoming dates: 

  • Sunday, June 26: Faith Project Plan submitted online HERE 
  • Sunday, Sept. 18: Mentor Celebration Lunch @ 11:30am
  • Saturday, Oct. 29: Confirmation Rehearsal @ 9:00am
  • Confirmation Sunday, Oct. 30: Affirmation of Baptism Service @ 1:30pm

Incoming 9th Grade (2016/2017)

Youth that will be in 9th grade starting in Sept. 2016 can now start selecting their Mentors for next year!
Mark your calendars for upcoming dates:

  • NOW: Ask an adult to be your Confirmation Mentor
  • Sunday, June 26Mentor Ministry Registration due online HERE
  • Summer: Mentor Application sent to your Mentor
  • Summer/Fall: Meet at least once
  • Sunday, Sept. 25: Mentor Kick Off Lunch @ 11:30am


Mentor Resources

Below you will find many resources for you to use as you continue to engage your mentee in conversation and living life together. These resources are not required, but are here for you to use as you see fit during the mentor ministry.



Below you will find different opportunities to engage in faith conversations. Through the introduction of the “Marks of Discipleship” we will frame our Mentor Ministry around these six areas. We hope you will take advantage of the many opportunities to engage with these areas during the mentor ministry.

We have included links for many of the things below to make it easy to interact with the information. If you have other ideas please let us know and we’ll add them to the list!


  • Start your meeting with the Faith 5.
  • Find a book in Bethel’s Adult Library on Prayer and read through it together.
    • Examples: Praying in Color


  • Attend worship at Bethel together 9, 10:10, or 10:30 a.m. and use the BRIDGE questions to discuss over lunch
  • Attend another worship in Rochester and discuss over lunch


  • Use the Faith 5 for your meeting time.
  • Use BRIDGE Sermon Based Questions.
  • Use FaithLens from the ELCA blog to guide your discussion.
  • Attend Monday Night Next Week’s Lesson Bible Study, 6:30-7:30 p.m. (even in the summer)!


Spiritual Friendships

  • Get together with other mentors and mentees for a Bar-B-Q.
  • Do something together, doesn’t matter what, just do something!


  • Take a spiritual gifts survey to see where your passions can be used to glorify God at church.
  • Sign-up to be a greeter, read scripture, or usher together during worship.
  • Pick a ministry team to become a part of for your time together and work on a project with the team.

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Faith Projects

God has made a promise for your life that lasts forever through Jesus Christ. A Faith Project is a great opportunity to reflect on how God has called, gathered and enlightened you in the faith throughout your time in our confirmation ministry.

The “project” is an expression of your faith in a way that relates to you, and an opportunity to see the connections between your faith and your passions in a way that applies to your life.

Completed faith projects are due September 18.


How do I pick a project?

Faith Project Questions
Review and discuss some of the Faith Project Questions to help you explore your faith. Your answers can be a great starting point for your project or picking a Bible Verse.
Click here to see faith project questions.

Multiple Intelligence Assessment
To help you focus on an idea for your project, you may use the Multiple Intelligence Assessment, which can show you your dominant learning style and offer suggestions for types of projects.
Click here to learn more about Multiple Intelligence Assessments. Click here for the Multiple Intelligence Assessment worksheet.

There is no correct Faith Project
Some youth prefer to write a 2-3 page Faith Paper, but there are many ideas that may be more personal and reflective. The goal is to create a project that reveals your relationship with God

Submit your Faith Project Plan by June 26th
Meet with your Mentor and/or your parents/guardians to go over the Faith Project Questions and use the Multiple Intelligence Assessment to come up with a Project Plan and submit your plan online here.

Submit your completed project by September 18th

Confirmation Verse

  • Your Confirmation Verse should be a Bible Verse that has personal meaning to you and can be a great starting off point for your Faith Project.
  • Your Verse will be read at your Confirmation Service and be on your Confirmation Certificate.

Dates to remember

Mentor Celebration Lunch
Sunday, September 18th @ 11:30am-1pm
Youth, Mentors and Parents mark your calendars for this great time to celebrate your yearlong mentorship and talk through all the detail of your Confirmation Service.

Faith Interviews
Be prepared to talk about your project with a Bethel Pastor in your Faith Interview in the fall before Confirmation Sunday. Sign up for a Faith Interview on September 18th

Confirmation Sunday
Sunday, October 30th @ 1:30pm

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