We, the Bethel Congregation, called by God, commit ourselves:

  • to proclaim the Gospel,
  • to prepare our members for outreach and service, and
  • to minister to human needs.


Bethel Lutheran Church will stand as a Lutheran and Christian leader in this community by being:

  • a vibrant place of worship;
  • a caring institution utilizing its many resources of people, facilities, and finances to serve members, the community, and interdependent expressions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America;
  • a place to nurture and educate; and
  • an interpreter and supporter of global mission.


  • Jesus is Lord of all; Christ is at the center of all Bethel’s ministry and proclamation.
  • Corporate worship is Bethel’s highest commitment and will be expressed by sharing the faith with others throughout the week.
  • God’s people of Bethel are called to serve family, church, community, and world through continuous outreach and mission.
  • Bethel will model a godly way of life for our members and society, including, but not limited to: a life of integrity, honesty, commitment, and loyalty.
  • Bethel will be good stewards of our time, talent, and resources in serving members and the community.
  • Bethel will nurture the entire congregation through education and building up of the family unit.
  • Bethel will be a source of comfort to those who suffer, mourn, or are in distress.